You may be a business owner sending out newsletters and emails on a regular basis, or you might be an info-preneur creating course materials and workbooks. Maybe you just want to ensure your web copy is cohesive and error-free. Every web page, email, worksheet, course, and newsletter is a representation of you and your product. Magpie Editorial offers everything from content editing to proofreading to help you ensure your clients know your product is worth the investment. 

WHAT IS COPYediting?

Copyediting is about far more than grammar and punctuation; it also ensures your content is cohesive, clear, and true to you and your brand.  


Your content is a representation of you and your brand. Copyediting is a necessary process when publishing any written material, especially when that written material is what convinces your clients to invest in your product. If your emails, website, or print material are inconsistent or filled with errors, potential clients will assume your product is, too, and you'll lose sales. 

Investing in a copyeditor will ensure your content draws clients in instead of pushing them away. Engaging, error-free, branded, and cohesive copy can:

  • Boost traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads
  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Assure your clients that you are worth the investment


Maybe you're a start-up prepping to launch your new site. Or you might be an info-preneur, creating courses and workbooks for clients and readers. You might even be an established business owner who sends out monthly newsletters and writes weekly blog posts. Whatever the case, you're producing content, and that content needs to be consistent, cohesive, branded, and error-free.

In all likelihood, you're realizing this is not as easy as it looks! There are many problems business owners and entrepreneurs face when creating good content. Are you familiar with any of these?

  • You haven't developed an authentic voice.
  • You never got a good handle on grammar.
  • You don't have time to research how to use commas every time you write a blog post.
  • Your emails, newsletters, content, or blog posts don't feel consistent.
  • You often find yourself just throwing words onto the page.
  • You just hate editing!

That's where I come in! As your copyeditor, I will learn about you, your company, and your audience. You will send me your copy–newsletters, emails, social media posts, print material, web pages–and I'll do the busy work! I'll ensure your content is engaging, optimized, actionable, and most importantly true to you and your brand.


It's time to get to know you and your voice! I'll send you a questionnaire and a worksheet that will help us explore and develop a voice that is true to you and your brand. I'll develop a custom Brand Voice Guide based on the completed worksheet and questionnaire.


Once finished, you’ll provide your copy for me to begin editing. Depending on your package, I'll do everything from copyediting to content editing. I'll send you the edited drafts for you to read through, and you'll be able to request any changes.


Once all edits are complete, I will hand over the final edits to you for you to publish under your name and byline!


Ready to unleash the power of quality copy?