Yes. Your writing is a representation of you. If a publisher looks at your manuscript and sees a mistake, he or she may toss it without reading further. If a client looks at your website and sees a mistake, he or she will likely take their business (and their money) elsewhere. Editing is just as important as the actual act of writing.

+ Is editing worth the investment?

Editing can feel like a huge financial investment, and sometimes, it is. This is especially the case if you're a young or self-published writer. I get it. I've been there. However, investing in a freelance editor will 1) increase your chances of getting published, 2) increase your book sales, and 3) if you're a business owner – good, polished writing will increase your traffic and gain clients. Investing in editing is like investing in a good car with good gas mileage: it will pay off in the long run.

+ What if I don't take criticism well?

Neither do I! But, I chose to sit through years of writing workshops in order to be criticized. Why? Because it helped me learn. It made my writing better. My goal as an editor is not to hurt your feelings, but to give you constructive feedback, enhance your voice, and make sure your writing is publishable.

+ Does my business really need a blog?

Yes! A blog fuels SEO which is essential if you want to attract potential clients. It gives your business a voice and ensures those who read it understand you are an expert in your field... but only if it is well-written and edited! Hiring a freelance writer and editor is essential if you want your blog to be as beneficial as possible. A freelance writer will learn about your business, your story, and your goals in order to write posts that are engaging, informative, and attractive to potential clients.

+ Can I hire a different writer for each project?

You can, but you shouldn't. One of the main goals of starting a company blog or writing content for your website or marketing materials is to be consistent. The more people you outsource your writing to, the less consistent your company's voice will be. Of course, guest bloggers and writers are always a good idea! You have them write in order for their voice to stand out on your blog and attract potential clients. For the rest of your content, you want consistency. It's best to build a relationship with one or two freelancers in order to achieve this goal. Freelance writers are all about making lasting connections, and you can depend on them for your future needs.

+ Should I send you my first draft?

You've finished your book (yay!) and you want to get it edited right now. I get that! However, I encourage you to set it aside for a few weeks, and then do a round or two of revisions on your own. You'll be amazed at how many errors and inconsistencies you find! After the first draft is finished, you are the best person to do the next round of editing, because you know what you want your book to accomplish more than anyone. Get it as close to perfect as you can on your own, and then hire a freelance editor.

+ What if I only want copy editing?

Ultimately, that decision is up to you. However, I encourage you to consider developmental/substantial editing before moving onto copy editing, especially if you're on your first or second draft. Why pay someone to copy edit passages and chapters you may delete and completely revise? Investing in developmental editing is essential if you want to ensure your manuscript or web content is as polished as it can be. Check out all the editing services I offer here.

+ What is your average client investment?

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