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Convince clients to invest in you with cohesive, well-crafted copy + content across all your platforms.

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Brand Voice Development

One-Page Reference
Full PDF Guidebook
Voice Discovery Session

Your brand is more than just a logo and a color palette–it’s your voice and tone, too. Every web page, Instagram caption, brochure, email, blog post, and newsletter works to show your clients and readers who you are. Investing in brand voice development will equip you with the tools necessary to maintain a consistent and branded voice across all of your platforms as you post on social media, send emails, and interact with potential clients.

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You have a story. Your business has a story. Telling that story is essential to turning potential clients into clients. You may be a small business owner looking for an intriguing About page and seamless Services page, or you may be a solo-preneur in need of compelling, traffic-boosting blog posts. Whatever the case, Magpie Editorial can help you tell your story through beautifully crafted content and copy. 


Web Page Writing
Blog Series
Email Sequence
"Your Story" Session
Social Media Content Audit

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Website Content Editing
Content Evaluation
Website Copy Editing
Website Proofreading
Social Media Content Audit

You may be a business owner sending out newsletters and emails on a regular basis, or you might be an info-preneur creating course materials and workbooks. Maybe you just want to ensure your web copy is cohesive and error-free. Every web page, email, worksheet, course, and newsletter is a representation of you and your product. Magpie Editorial offers everything from content editing to proofreading to help you ensure your clients know your product is worth the investment. 

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Blogs and newsletters have the ability to provide enormous value to your readers for free. Why is this a good thing? It earns their trust. By providing them with informative, helpful, and free content, you show them how valuable your product is. Websites that are regularly updated also receive more traffic. Magpie Editorial can show your readers the value of your product and help you stand out in a saturated market, thereby encouraging your audience to invest in you.


Monthly Newsletter / Email Writing
Monthly Blog Writing
Monthly Social Media Text Posts
Monthly Strategy Sessions
Monthly Content Calendar Development

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brand voice development

1 - 2 weeks

Brand Voice Development is a one-time purchase to be made before or in tandem with the Executive, Deluxe, or Pro Package in order to develop your customized style guide to be used when crafting your content. Brand Voice Development is also available as a stand-alone purchase for business owners who wish to write their own content but who are still struggling with maintaining a consistent voice.

The Executive Package

4 weeks

The Executive Package is perfect for established small business owners who are looking to stand out in their field, attract higher-end clients, and increase their client base via cohesive, clear, and branded content across all platforms. Choose from the copywriting, copyediting, or ghostwriting Executive Package. 

The deluxe Package

3 - 4 weeks

The Deluxe Package is perfect for established business owners looking to revamp their website, increase their client base or readership, and encourage potential clients to invest in their services or products via cohesive, clear, and branded content across all platforms. Choose from the copywriting, copyediting, or ghostwriting Deluxe Package. 

The Pro Package

3 - 4 weeks

The Pro Package is perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and first-time business owners who are excited to launch their website and hope to bring in clients or readers, generate leads, and start making sales via cohesive, clear, and branded content across all platforms. Choose from the copywriting, copyediting, or ghostwriting Pro Package. 

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