You have a story. Your business has a story. Telling that story is essential to turning potential clients into clients. You may be a small business owner looking for an intriguing About page and seamless Services page, or you may be a solo-preneur in need of compelling, traffic-boosting blog posts. Whatever the case, Magpie Editorial can help you tell your story through beautifully crafted content and copy. 


You may be a business owner sending out newsletters and emails on a regular basis, or you might be an info-preneur creating course materials and workbooks. Maybe you just want to ensure your web copy is cohesive and error-free. Every web page, email, worksheet, course, and newsletter is a representation of you and your product. Magpie Editorial offers everything from content editing to proofreading to help you ensure your clients know your product is worth the investment. 

content Creation

So you're a business owner looking to sell a service or product. In today's market, a blog or newsletter is one of the best ways to do just that. Blogs and newsletters have the ability to provide enormous value to your readers for free. Why is this a good thing? It earns their trust. By providing them with informative, helpful, and free content, you show them how valuable your product is. Websites that are regularly updated also receive more traffic! Magpie Editorial can help you provide your readers see the value of your product and stand out in a saturated market, thereby encouraging them to invest in you.

manuscript Services

You love writing, but let's face it – writing a book is hard, no matter how much you love it! There are subplots to keep track of, characters to develop, and commas to place. Whether you're looking for someone to provide feedback on your plot, or you just need someone to check your punctuation and syntax, Magpie Editorial can help. Every writer has different strengths, so my goal is to help you utilize your strengths by providing constructive criticism as well as encouragement. 

creative consulting

Do you have an idea for a novel, but you can't seem to get started? Perhaps you've already started, but you're stuck somewhere in the middle. A lot of writers have great ideas but struggle to get them onto paper. That's where creative coaching comes in. As your creative consultant, I will brainstorm with you, help you organize your ideas, develop your plot, and get your story onto paper! Creative consulting is useful in all genres from memoirs to science fiction. Hiring a creative consultant is also helpful for businesses; I can help you revamp the content on your website and tell your story in order to increase traffic and attract potential clients.